Facilities and equipment


Tent camp

Our Camp site consists of 40 heavy duty canvas tents, a camp kitchen for preparing morning and afternoon teas and an ablution block for toilets and showers. We also have on offer a visiting teachers/ parents/ other staff bunkhouse which has a kitchen and lounge area and caters for twelve (12) in double bunks. This also has disabled access.  Teachers and parents not on duty are welcome to use it for accommodation or as a staffroom.

Sometimes we accommodate two small camps on site concurrently.  If this is the case for your camp we have the ability to divide our camp site into two separate sites so that each camp can run independently from the other. The only facilities you would be sharing with the other camp would be the ablutions block, the visitor’s bunkhouse, the camp kitchen and the dining hall at meal times.

Dining hall

Our dining facilities can cater for up to 120 students and visiting teachers at a time with our Kinchant catering staff on hand to provide breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It has a multi-station wash up facility allowing efficient and hygienic practices to ensure food safe practices are followed and standards met.

The dining hall is also equipped with multimedia facilities that can be used to display a laptop for presentations, TV for special events or a DVD for a relaxing movie night.


Kinchant OEC is equipped with a library that consists of many adventure activity related resources as well as an additional multimedia facility for smaller sized groups.

Tennis court

A fully enclosed tennis courts is available for activities such as pioneering (catapult building), bush dancing and sports. There are lights for the tennis court to allow it to be utilised during evening sessions.

Studies centre

The Studies Centre (double classroom space) is available for indoor activities. It is perfect for activities like screen printing, bush art, paper making etc.  There is also wet weather accommodation available should the need arise.

Outdoor curriculum sites

Outdoor curriculum sites (low and high ropes, team challenge, group initiatives, and climbing wall) are strictly out of bounds unless trained staff are officially conducting sessions. All of these activities are available to be included into your camp program if you wish to utilise these facilities.

Fire pit

If weather permits and we have no fire bans are in place, visiting schools have the option to use our fire pit. The fire pit can be used for activities including damper and jaffle cooking as well as being a good place to sit, relax and debrief with students after a busy day of activities.

First Aid kits

First Aid Kits are located in the office, hall and camp kitchen (for emergencies only, if the school kit cannot be located or is deficient). All Kinchant OEC teaching staff have First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation qualifications.

Last reviewed 25 September 2019
Last updated 25 September 2019